A handwritten note, an event invitation, a gift, or a corporate letter; all of these paper stationeries are the essential parts of your brand to leave a good impression. It is often the first experience customers have of your brand, and we know how important this initial correspondence is.

Luxury Corporate Stationery
Luxury Corporate Stationery
Luxury Corporate Stationery

Personalised Corporate
Gifts & Stationery

From fundraising galas and launch parties to intimate brand events, our consultants will be on hand to guide you through our full range of options to meet your requirements and styles. Our printing is distinguised by its deep impression, the remarkable sharpness of line and intense depth of colour.

We work with companies and sole traders to capture the essence of their brand and create exquisite stationery to represent your business with style. Think of us as an extension of your brand.

Cotton Papers

Soft, Fluffy Cotton Papers


Leave it to us to know what paper will deliver your wedding invitation best on with letterpress printing technique. Cotton papers that are soft and fluffy to the touch; Best to create that optimal impression (indentation on paper, which we commonly call it ‘The Bite’ in letterpress printing).

All of our produce is FSC-certified, which ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. We work closely with responsible premium paper merchants to create paper stationery that are not only beautifully designed, but also sustainable for our future.

Luxury Corporate Stationery
Luxury Corporate Stationery
Luxury Corporate Stationery
Luxury Corporate Stationery

Tailor to Your Unique Personality

The form of a perfect piece of letterpress corporate stationery will convey the mood of your personality. We hand-mix the perfect colours, and each piece of paper is meticulously printed, one sheet and one colour at a time. This involves a great deal of work, sweat and proud craftsmanship. There are no shortcuts in producing a premium card. If you want to take the challenge to craft the perfect manifestation of yourself, reach out to us.

Luxury Corporate Stationery

Get Inspired

We are here to make sure that our letterpress corporate stationery help to grow with you and your business. If you have any inspiration to begin this process (or the lack thereof), find out more from Pinterest to let us know what fits your business best! We want to hear all about it! I’ll get the tea…

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    It's tempting to opt for lots of colours in design and printing. However, letterpress is different from our common practice. You have to think simple, minimal, and opt for not more than 2 colours in a project. We print colours on white paper stock to get the best impression (debossed effect). Check out our design guideline to learn more about how to make a perfect letterpress print.
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