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    Buatan Malaysia Boleh

    The truism is that ‘nothing worth having comes easy’ and yet, we are conditioned to always want the best and the most by the easiest and the quickest path. Our smacking new Kuala Lumpur logo that allegedly cost RM15,000 amassed a turbulence of scornful criticism on the Internet. What happened? One second, the average Malaysian [...] More  →
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    Pressing Matter

    The pressing matter in the business of art (is not letterpress, a-ha!) is in itself. The business of art has always been one that is iffy. The old adage of arts undergrads with creative pursuits to yield less job prospects than other disciplines is as much a cliche as it is a candour. Creatives being [...] More  →
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    ‘Home’ has been sang and written about endlessly, but the meaning of home remains weaved with personal sentiments. Whether or not your rendition of ‘Home’ is one that belts out like Michael Bublé or beats to the drum of Phillip Phillips, the universal meaning of home is a space, be it mentally or physically, where [...] More  →
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