Only through experience, you can appreciate its value. We provide live demonstration and personalisation services for private events that allows your guest to try their hands on at personalising their own products. If you are looking to create an engaging and memorable experience for your brand, reach out to us now.


Live Demonstration & Personalisation Services

We understand the power of live entertainment to emotionally target audiences and drive brand engagement. We combine this insight with innovation, creativity, strategic brand objectives and traditional craftsmanship to help you develop an engaging experience to excite, inspire and entertain a range of audiences.


Studio Experience Tour

Feel to experience the detailed craftsmanship of letterpress. This 120-minutes tour is to experience and understand the difference between conventional printing and modern letterpress printing. This tour includes a basic introduction on how printing technology has evolved over the years and the many advantages of each printing techniques that may be beneficial for art college students and budding designers.

Get behind the scenes and hands-on demonstration with letterpress machinery and experience the rigorous process of making a deep indentation on paper. Each process will be a definite eye-opener for the new generation in learning to appreciate the traditional craftsmanship of letterpress printing.

Minimum 20 people in a group or up to 30 people.

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