Endangered Animal Series: Hornbill Notebook


  • Letterpress printed on 600gsm cover
  • Innards in 100gsm cream white paper
  • For recording information and memos
  • Plain inside
  • Wire binding
  • FSC-Certified
  • Dimension: 105mm x 150mm
  • Made in Malaysia

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Humans and hornbills have similar social behaviours. They rise with the sun to preen and say hello to their neighbours before getting a bite to eat and courtship behaviours include a prospective couple vocalising to one another, chasing each other and slapping their bills together. (Sounds like humans in kindergarten, right?) The female has a few months confinement process as she will be sealed up in a tree cavity with the eggs and the chicks and the male has to show how hopelessly devoted he is to her by bringing her food all year long. (Married for life, yo.)

Weight50 g
Dimensions105 x 150 x 10 mm
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