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Leaping Rabbit Gift Kit


What if I told you that luck is a skill? How? By keeping your eyes on the prize. Create luck for a prosperous year ahead with this limited-edition, part-rabbit, part-Daruma-inspired bundle. Use this to power up your 2023. 

What’s in the kit:
① A deck of 52 playing cards & 4 joker cards
② 4 designs x 2; total 8 personalised red packets
③ Letterpress printed wishing well card
④ Gift packaging

220mm (W) x 200mm (D) x 30mm (H)

Order today. Ship from 10 Jan onwards to receive before Chinese New Year.
Orders placed after 16 Jan 2023 may be received after 1 Feb 2023.

In stock

Inscribe yours or recipient’s name on all 8 red packets (1 name across all packets). Maximum 10 Roman characters including spacing in Gold colour. Uppercase A-Z or 1-0 only.

This the year of the big hopper. The year of a true-blue eye-opener. Every turn, games be changing. Face up, all in the name of adapting. All set for the extraordinary Year of Rabbit?

Leaping Rabbit Gift Kit
Limited release

Upon unpacking your Leaping Rabbit Gift Kit, you will find a box full of 52 daruma-inspired playing cards and 4 joker cards, 8 wish-fulfilment red packets, and a letterpress wishing well card printed by the vintage 1960s German press.

Year of the big hopper

Rabbits hop, skip, or leap ahead as they wish. This Rabbit year, we shall too.

Make your wishes

This is going to be a year of many wishes, though keep your daruma eyes on the prize and your best bunny foot grounded.

A bundle of abundance

A perfect gift for your family and friends indeed. Or—for you. It’s never too late to treat yourself.

Set of 8 red packets

4 uniquely-designed, Daruma-inspired red packets. 2 pieces each, made up to a set of 8. Change how your Daruma sees as you slide out the wishing cards.

Life is a game

A deck of 52 playing cards & 4 joker cards with hand-drawn illustrations in uniquely TAP way. How you play is determined by how you see.

Your packet. Your way.

Make it unmistakably yours or for them with monogramming name on the red packets. Can be brief wishes, lucky numbers, or a personalised initial.

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