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  • The Alphabet Press

    Here’s why you don’t thank your mom…

    Actually, you probably do. But let’s face it, we don’t thank her enough. Because we can't thank her enough. If we had to, it would have to be for: Giving birth to us Cleaning our diapers Sending us to school in the morning Putting up with our lies and tantrums Raising us up Feeding us Washing [...] More  →
  • The Alphabet Press

    We value relationships more than ever.

    If you’re a fellow Malaysian, you’ve probably heard the news. Our MCO has been extended until May 12 back here in Malaysia. This year has been a rollercoaster ride where we experience all kinds of low.... But one thing’s for sure, this pandemic helped us gain new ways of seeing things. Especially a new perspective about relationships. [...] More  →
  • The Alphabet Press

    When “give” is the new “gain”.

    People are online now more than ever these days. Even schools have moved online right now.With everything moving to online, companies that do not have an online presence will face tough challenges ahead. That's why businesses today are making 180­-degree changes to adapt and evolve. Now is the most crucial time for us to reach out [...] More  →
  • The Alphabet Press

    What day is it? Why am I here…?

    Now that most of us are quarantined at home, it feels like time has really slowed down for us. With days soon feel like weeks and weeks soon feel like months, quarantine boredom might even get you lying on the floor staring up to the ceiling asking “What day is it…?” “Why am I here…?” [...] More  →
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